Hi there, I am Marjoleine Roos. My goal is to contribute to the conservation of marine mammals and their natural environment by conducting research and passing on knowledge gained by science to different stakeholders to get them involved and raise awareness. I believe collaboration is a vital aspect in preserving the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Through telemetry and other techniques lots of valuable unique data can be collected from cetaceans at sea. On the “Research” page of this website you can find projects I have been/am involved in worldwide, focusing on reproduction (dolphins, killer whales), abundance and distribution (dolphins, killer whales), diet (seals, porpoises, cormorants), disturbance by naval sonar (killer whales, humpback whales, pilot whales), breathing and energetics (killer whales).  My main research interest at this moment lies with respiration and energetics of cetaceans on which I focused for the last several years. Seen the knowledge paucity of diving behavior and physiology in killer whales and other marine mammals there is much more research to be conducted on this focus which I hope to keep contributing to in the near future.

I have been working with and studying marine mammals since I was 18, both in marine parks and at sea worldwide. I have a B.Sc. in Wildlife Management and a M.Phil. in Marine Mammal Science and am looking for a Ph.D. to continue my work in cetacean energetics. I have presented my work on conferences and symposia worldwide. Furthermore, I’m writing and reviewing scientific articles and writing a book chapter (see Publications). For more detailed information on my working experiences, skills and education please see my resume.

For my work I traveled to beautiful places and encountered exciting wildlife. Besides doing research I have a great passion for nature and wildlife photography. I made a selection of photo’s which you can find on the “Photography” page.

Since I was a little kid, growing up with cats, dogs and other pets, I have been fascinated with all kinds of animals, but my passion had always been to work with marine mammals, partly due to my love for the ocean and its environment. During a trip around Australia when I was 17 I had my first close encounters with different cetacean species in the wild and have been passionate by them ever since.

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